Mystery Solved

Tonight's dinner conversation:

Savvy:  I clean my room and the bathroom.  Really well.

Sean:  No you don't.

Savvy:  Yes I do!!

Me:  And when have you ever cleaned your bathroom, Sean???  When have you ever so much as wiped up the water you splatter all over the counter?

Sean:  I never do that!

Me:  Right.  It wasn't you. 

Sean:  No.  It was the cats!!  Really!!  Cannon lifts up the toilet lid for them and they splash in it!

Oh, thank goodness.  All these years I thought I was living with a slob and it was the cats!!


  1. I want to know how the cats get the water to splash from the toilet to the counter of the sink...

  2. Me too! Our toilet is next to the sink, but it'd still be a pretty amazing feat for the cats to splash water from there.