Believe it or not, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

The past 2 weeks (aside from last Monday) I've been going into the office.  As much as I love going there, working and getting PAID, not having the time to do things is hard to adjust to again.

Being home all the time, I have plenty of time to do all the little things.  Like vacuum.  By the end of the first week, the house was so dirty I didn't dare walk around barefoot.  I assigned the girls areas of the house to vacuum, but they never do the job as well as I do!

I haven't touched my camera since Jan and I went to the cemetery on Memorial Day, either!  It has sat on my desk collecting dust until yesterday.  

 I did take it to work the first couple of days, but I was so busy, I didn't have time to take any photos.  And it's kind of a pain to carry around.  Oh, I have a very nice camera bag, but I was carrying that, my purse, my laptop bag and lunch.  I didn't have enough hands for it all!  

I would love a camera bag/purse, and my goal is to one day get me one of these:

It's by Jo Totes, and is very stylish.  I love how it doesn't look like a camera bag, plus it holds all your purse essentials.

Anyway, not much else going on.  The kids are out for the summer, and S keeps saying she can't wait until practice starts up again (the end of this week).  I think she is so busy during the school year, that when it all stops, she doesn't know what to do with herself!!  

The younger 2 are spending a few days with their Aunt Janice this week (R is there now until Wednesday, then she & D will swap) doing who knows what.  Even if it's nothing, sometimes just a change of environment is all they need to cure the summer doldrums.  

Sean is doing what he always does ~ work!  And golf on Thursdays now that greens fees are super cheap.  He's in a league and they have a pool for whoever wins or gets a hole in one ( I think the winnings are $200-$500).  He has yet to win either pool!!

I'm off to finish laundry, then it'll be another day in the pool.  The weather report is for a high of 111!  Definitely all day pool weather!!


  1. Thanks for the Camera bag /handbag tip. I'm going to google it NOW. I love being off work.
    Though I probably would NOT be vacuuming.
    Anywho - no ONE can do it like YOU!
    Why can't I find someone to PAY ME to write Picture of the Day ?? So many people tell me how they LOVE it & look forward to reading it.... but when I said - Hey - I bought a new camera to enhance PotD why don't you chip in for it ...only ONE person gave me $$$. If each subscriber gave me ten bucks it would have more than bought my new camera..... hmmmmm. charging for picture of the day. making a business of it. Wonder how THAT would go.... not retiring but just making a little extra cash. end of diatribe.

  2. I linked to Jo Totes (just click on the text) so you can check out her stuff.

    On you PotD money venture, from what I've seen & read, the way to make money is to have a blog with adds. Each time a reader "hits" your blog you get $$. Which is great if you have a lot of readers!