Hunting for breakfast

Lately, when Sean gets up at 3 or 4 in the morning he lets the dog out.

And the cats.

I could kill him.

I think he secretly wants them to get knocked up.

Shit Head.

Because I'll be the one dealing with the whole thing.

Anyway, when I get up (at 5:00.  I've been sleeping in an extra 15 minutes!!) I'll open up all the doors because it's been so nice in the morning, and the cats can come back in.

This morning, Piper decided to bring in some breakfast.

I guess she climbed one of the two trees in the back yard and stole an egg from a bird's nest!  How an indoor cat, who has only 'hunted' cockroaches in the garage, knows an egg is yummy, is amazing.

She come mewing (or is it mewling?) into the house and I pretty much ignored her, because she does that a lot.  Then R says that Pipe has something and sure enough...


She dropped it on the dinning room floor and it cracked a bit, and R wanted to see if it had a baby bird in it.  I couldn't tell by holding it up to the light, but it had some clear fluid leaking from the crack, so I figured if a baby was in it, it won't live.

R put it outside and Piper swatted it around a little and cracked it all the way open.

She went to town eating it up.  Except the yolk.  You'd think that'd be the best part, but I guess not.  Even ET came over to check it out.  

Apparently, it's not good enough for her, because after sniffing it, she turned up her nose and walked away!

After eating most of the slime and leaving the yolk and shell, Pipe decided to either a) get some exercise, b) have fun or c) do some more hunting.

Because she headed up into a tree again.


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