A totally blond moment

This morning {after I worked on a design for Allied Gate!  Yeah!  Work!!} I ran to Wal-Mart for toilet paper, hair color, KY, whipped cream a few things.  When I got to the check out I opened my wallet to get my debit card.  


I kinda freaked wondering where the hell could it be?  I had it at my desk earlier this morning when I paid my phone bill, and I was pretty sure I put it back in my wallet.

So, I call Roo {who was home from school because she is a big baby had a fever} to check my desk to see if it was there. 




Good thing the toothless guy in line behind me wasn't in a hurry.  I honestly think he was just really, really, really happy someone was talking to him.

Even if it was just to say she was sorry for being such an air headed bimbo.

But Wal-Mart still takes a check & thank goodness I had some of those with me.  I get home & double check my desk for my card.  Because I can never believe my kids have looked for something very hard.  

Even if they truly did.  

They can never look for it the way I would look for it.  

I blame my mother for that bit of irrational thinking.

I double check my wallet & purse again, pulling everything out.  Still no card.  By now I'm just totally confused as to where that damn thing could be!  I step back to think, put my hand in my pockets of my hoodie and GUESS WHAT?

Yup.  There was my debit card.

In my pocket.


I don't even remember putting it there!

It's my kids fault I'm so blond senile.


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