My other husband. The rest of the story

Some of you may have read my Tweet the other day about an elderly woman at the home show who thought I was Levi's wife.  Which in of itself is funny.  But there was a bit more to the story.

So I thought I'd share.

As Levi was helping the elderly couple, I was with some other customers.  When I finished up with them, I went over to the table where Levi was looking at designs with them.  Mrs. then asked me if I was the bride to this operation.  Not really getting what she meant, I told her that I do all the design work for the catalog & website.

We then proceeded to talk of other things while Levi was telling Mr. that he fabricated all the display pieces.

I then left Mrs. & went to help out another customer.  As the elderly couple were leaving, I heard Mrs. say something about Levi's wife.  So after my customer left, I asked him about it.

What Mrs. said was; "You and your wife are going to have some really talented children!"

I nearly pissed my pants I was laughing so hard.

And to top it all off, Levi said he didn't have the heart to correct her!!

I'm quite flattered, though, that she thought I was young enough to be married to him.  {He's 28, I'm 42 31}

But then, she could've thought  he was old enough to be married to me!!  Which is highly doubtful.  Levi looks like he's 19.

Or maybe she thought I was an older woman with a much younger guy.

Either way, it was a good laugh for the day.

Besides, I do have some talented kids.

I just have them with my "other' husband!


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