The Draft

I really, really, really hate this cold weather.

Which, according to some, really is not all that cold.

And I know.

I grew up in New England.

Winters sucked.

Big time.

In my world, anything below 60 degrees is cold. And every morning this week it's been like 48 degrees!!!

Right now, I'm waiting until it warms up some. It's supposed to be 63 today. Just a tad above warm for me.

I want to spray paint more picture frames. And even though I love the smell of paint, it's probably not a good thing to spray inside. But it's still too cold outside right now.

So, I wait in my cold corner of the house for the sun to come out.

Actually, all the corners are cold.

And near every door and window. One of the drawbacks of renting an old house.

Typically, with rentals around here, the owner has never lived in the house & is very tight with the wallet when it comes to things like, oh, I don't know, making it energy efficient. Our owner did live in the house. For about 6 years.

I guess a cold house in the winter & a hot one in the summer never bothered him.

I guess a huge heating & cooling bill never bothered him, either.

Every door, {and we have 4 that are exit doors & 1 to the garage} have gaps big enough to see light through & allow hot & cold in. They're easy enough to fix with some weather stripping. But one of the doors is a huge arcadia. And let me tell you, it is C.O.L.D. near that sucker. Really, the entire door needs to be pulled and replaced {and right now, I could pull that door out!}. Which we can do, then deduct from the rent.

And is totally great.

If we had the money.

Don't even get me started on the windows. Crap, cheap ones that are probably original to the house. {Which was built in the early 60's}

So, here I sit with cold toes, even though I'm wearing shoes & socks, waiting for the sun to come out so I can do some spray painting, and sit in the sun reading while they dry.

Thank goodness for warm laptops. Otherwise my fingers would be half frozen!!!


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