Christmas will hit us like a ton of bricks

I used to be so prepared for Christmas. I'd have most of my shopping done and anything I was making either done, or close to it.

Sean was always the one to go out Christmas Eve, after work no less, to do his shopping.

I hate that.

I'm a planner.

A "do it with plenty of time to spare" kinda gal.

Plan ahead. Way ahead.

I must confess, though, last year I was not. at. all. prepared.

I **GASP** shopped Christmas Eve!!

I think this year will, unfortunately, be a repeat.

And time is not the issue. Because, let's face it, I have plenty of that.

No, it will be money. Unfortunately Sean's had a few more bad days/weeks than usual. Which really puts a strain on the worn out ol' wallet.

I'm trying to get the girls (who, like most kids their generation, are very materialistic) to remember that Christmas isn't all about the gifts you get.

It's also about spending time with family.

Just yesterday, Dare & I were going to Target, and she was saying how last year they got "like only 3 presents" and if they were going to get the same this year. (I guess she forgot to count all the gifts from Aunts, Uncles, and Grandmas) I told her she just might get less! Then I had to remind her, again, it's not all about the presents.

I refuse to stress over any of it. It's not worth it.

If we all get only one gift each this year then I will be thankful for that.

Because no matter how many things you have, it doesn't matter one bit if you do not have friends, family & good health to enjoy them with.

Of course if someone wants to get me say, a tripod, or 8 GIG USB flash drive, or even better a zoom lens!!! I won't be doing any complaining!


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