The Missing Daughter

While going through all my photos from the last 6 months or so, I noticed a lack of Savvy pics.

So it got me to thinking. If someone, many years from now, who does not know our family, looks through all my photos, they may begin to wonder what happened to her.

Where did she go?

The answer is simple ~ she's a Varsity Cheerleader.

Which means she is almost never home.

She has practice every day after school except Friday. Fridays are game day, plus she has tumbling on Mondays {after practice} and Dance on Tuesday {before practice}.

And now they are gearing up for the State Competitions in January, so practices are increased. Especially for those on Pom.

Which is Cheer.

But with more dance moves.

And of course pom poms!

In a way it's a good thing because she is too busy to get into a whole lot of trouble. But man, all this carting around I have to do, back and forth, back and forth, can really suck.

I am in no way one of those Moms who is sooooo excited and happy to cart their kid to every activity under the sun and then some.

If I could, I'd have a driver for her.

And for myself!!

On one of the rare nights Savvy was home {Thursday night} and not working her butt off, {Literally. Because Cheer will do that to ya!} I was playing with my camera & she let me take some pictures.

They didn't come out so great, because when Savvy decides to sit and let me take pictures, I don't waste time fiddling with settings. If I take too long, she might change her mind, cop an attitude {Noooo. Not Savvy!!} and my photo op is gone.

The lighting was horrible ~ everything had a yellow cast to it.

So my fix ~ make the picture a black and white!

Enjoy these rare photos of Savvy. Because you never know when I'll get another chance shoot her....


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