The kids were watching Eight Simple Rules the other day, and in this episode, Paul was telling his girls how it hurts his feelings and makes him feel like the bad guy when they say they hate him. They explained to him that when they yell out they hate him, it really means they love him.

I can so relate.

It reminded me of the first time Savvy said she hated me. {The first of many!} She was about 3 or 4 at the time and I'm sure it was because she had misbehaved and was getting punished. She ran down the hall & yelled as loud as she could I HATE YOU!!!!

For some reason this really bothered Sean & he insisted she apologize to me and never, ever say that again.

I explained to him that in that moment, at that time, she did hate me. And that's okay. Because, believe you me, I knew exactly how she felt.

I can only remember a few times I was really mad at Mom for punishing me {or worse, making me clean my room!!} and at that moment, I hated her. Sometimes I hated her with the fire of a thousand burning suns.


But I quickly got over it. And so did Savvy. I knew she would forget all about it by the next day {or when she wanted something} and life would go on.

In the 12 or so years since that first I HATE YOU!, there have been plenty more. Always followed by, Thank you. I love you, too. {Said by me. Which irritates her.}

Then, when your 16 year old willingly sits next to you on the couch and watches 30 minutes of TV with her head on your shoulder, it is so worth all those I HATE YOUs!!

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  1. yea, but did you write that you hated mom all over your closet wall and your mattress?
    I at least hid it for a while so she only found it way after I wrote it - in perminant marker.