You're Outfit is Inappropriate

Yesterday Sean brought S home from school about 1:00. When I asked her why she was home so early, she said she got suspended.


She was sent home for the remainder of the day and all of today.


But the suspension wasn't for anything really bad. Like fighting or drugs.

Every once in a while the school has 'Spirit Days' where they all dress in a particular theme. Yesterday was Beach Day. S wore a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a strapless top. She said she was on her way to lunch when a staff member stopped her and said the top she had on was not school code and she had to change. She was with her friend H who said she had a top S could wear. So S puts it on and goes to lunch.

But, here is where she gets into trouble, she comes back from lunch and takes it off! Thinking she was getting away with something (because she is sometimes like both her parents and is going to do whatever she wants) she strolls back to class.

Unfortunately, she got away with nothing. Another staff member saw her, pulls her aside and asks, Didn't Staff Member #1 tell you that top wasn't dress code and you need to change?

Because she did not follow the orders of Staff Member #1, it's considered insubordination and an automatic one day suspension.

So, today she is home.

All day.

Which is fine.

The living room is very dirty and needs to be swept and mopped.

The kitchen, too.

And I have some boxes full of trash that need to be tossed out.

Orange juice that needs to be made.

A dishwasher that needs to be emptied and reloaded.....


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