I Lied

Okay. I said I'd be back the next day to post pics of the girls bedrooms. It has now been 4 days!!

Sometimes life hits you hard & the days pass without you realizing that it is now 4 days later than it feels like.

I had to finish up the moc-up of Allied Gates' web site. So far Levi {who is GM & if you remember my former co-worker at Distinctive Iron} has seen it & is blown away. Makes me feel good that the "professional" they hired couldn't do what I managed to accomplished. And I don't have a fancy college degree in web design or marketing either!! So now I'm just waiting for input from Lupe, the Head Honcho before I complete the site to go 'live'.

Then Levi had a client who needed some grand entry designs, so I had those to work on. That didn't take too long, about an hour, but in between I was also trying to get some more boxes unpacked.

Unfortunately the house now looks like I never got those boxes taken care of.

Saturday Jan was kind enough to come over and help me get our stuff out of storage. After 3 years, you tend to forget everything you used to have, and man do we have a lot of stuff!!

Also, after 3 years, some of the stuff the girls boxed up they've out grown. Opening each box is like Christmas.

Or walking down Memory Lane.

Especially the boxes with things I saved from when the girls were babies & toddlers. I have 2 boxes of books I saved that were favorites I used to read all the time to them. That was fun to open. We had to read a bunch of them again. And remember what we did while reading them. Like how I used to read Good Night Moon and as we got closer to the end of the book I'd read in a very, very quiet voice. Or how when I read Sandra Boyton's Birthday Monsters, the sentences in all caps, I'd say in a loud excited voice.

I won't get into the boxes of 'dust collectors' and material I have. The material; useful. The 'dust collectors'; not so much.

But those are for another day. For now I will show you what the girls' rooms looked like 4 days ago. {They're pretty much the same, except for S's. She changed hers up a bit. Pics later on that.}

R's bed. Doesn't look much different than when all 3 girls were in the same room!! She claims she can't do much more because she needs me to hang shelves. Likely excuse!!!

D's bed. Hers will most likely always look like this. That is until R gets sick of it & helps her straighten things up! She's like someone else I know {we won't mention any names. Jan.} and is just sloppy.

Their closet. It's a work in progress...

S's bed. She has straightened it up since this pic. She made it look like a day bed.

She took this CAUTION tape from the construction site next to the apartment. She was very proud of her unusual decorating idea!! I'm proud of her too!! The picture doesn't do it justice, but it looks pretty cool.

I had a bunch of multi-colored painted items, such as shelves, that she wanted. So I gave them all to her. This was a spice rack I never really used. Can you tell what she's using it for? Very clever!! I've always loved the idea of using an item for something other than what it was intended for & she did exactly that! Kudos to her!!!

This lamp used to be in my bedroom. I had decoupaged the shade with vintage newsprint. That didn't go with the theme of her room, so she ripped colorful pages from magazines & glued them to it. Eventually she wants to spray paint the gold on the stand black.

I must say, that girl has some talent.

Here are some pics of their bathroom which has been remodeled in the past few years. It's much nicer than my bathroom!!

Please excuse the huge box of Tampax!! LOL

They have this nice long counter & huge mirror. They also have fluorescent lights, which are not good. They make everything look either yellow or green! Oh well.

I nice shower with a rain shower head.

More of the counter, mirror & plenty of cabinet space underneath. And the medicine cabinet is kiddie corner {or is it caddie corner?? I never know!} There are 4 switches on the wall!! One for the lights over the sink, one for the fan, one for a heat lamp over the shower & a mystery switch. I haven't taken the time to figure out exactly what it's for.

Many of these old houses have a lot of mystery switches. Some are for ceiling lights or fans, some for wall outlets, and then there is always the 'mystery' switches that I usually figure out what they go to by accident. After living in the house for 3 months!!

And before I go {to have another BBQ at Mom's for Labor Day!! YUM!!!!} here are pics of our pool. It was starting to look good. Then a part for the pump broke. So now it's getting greener. Going back to what it looked like when we moved in  :(

It's a work in progress.

The deep end {which is prolly about 10'} was still very green from Sean pushing the algae towards the filter/suction whatever thingy.

But the shallow end was starting to look pretty good.

So much for Sean's progress.....


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