Settling In

Man, it has been an exhausting weekend!! I don't think I've drank so much water, sweated so much, or peed more often since, I don't know, I guess the last time we moved!!

We have everything from the apartment now over at the house, which is now cluttered up with all our boxes!!

Unpacking is slow going because we're still recovering from such a quick move, and it's very difficult to find where to put stuff when you suddenly have more than double the space you had before.

And it seems like I'm destined to break something in every room! 

Friday night, I pulled the chain in the master bedroom to turn on the ceiling light, and the globe covering it came crashing to the floor, shattering glass everywhere. 

Saturday afternoon I wanted to change the blown bulb in the light outside the kitchen door. As I was twisting it to take it out, it popped, the metal end piece stuck in the socket & I blew a fuse. I neglected to make sure the switch was off. 

Then I went to do laundry. {Because we have boatloads and I now have an awesome washer & my own dryer!!} The dryer was only tumbling, it wasn't heating to dry the clothes. So I called the landlord to let him know the dryer is broken. Later that night, Sean comes home after work & asks why we don't have hot water. I told him I just thought maybe the temperature was turned down low on the water heater because the water was pretty warm this morning when I took a shower, and I didn't want it any hotter, so I didn't think much more about it. So he goes out to the garage to look at the water heater & see if the temp was on low. Turns out we have a gas water heater! Then it hits me, maybe we also have a gas dryer! So Sean goes to check that & sure enough, we do!!

So tomorrow I have to call the gas company to get that turned on. In the meantime, everyone needs clean laundry, so I rigged up 2 clothes lines in the back yard. I figure, hey, we'll save some money on electricity!!

Not all the furniture is in the house, it's still in the garage. My dresser needs 2 legs repaired before I can use that, the china cabinet has to be brought in {Sean is still to tired to deal with it & my legs hurt like they've never hurt before!}, the entertainment center {again, tired, sore, it's not moving quite yet.} and of course my huge desk. That baby is a monster! Because it's so big, we have to take it through the front door. But before we do that, {and by we, I mean Sean} we have to remove the door and some of the trim around it.

And we haven't even gotten to the 5'X10' storage unit full of more stuff!!!

So, I'm taking it slow now & enjoying all the space we now have. We have so much room in the living room that Savvy can show us her dances without fear of breaking something!

I don't have internet yet, they'll be hooking that up on Tuesday, so I'm using it at the public library. The connection is too slow for me to upload pictures, but as soon as I'm connected at the house, I'll upload some so you can see what's happened so far.


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