Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

Sometimes I wish the girls would think before they speak. Here are some examples of what I mean ~

S - What time is it?
J - I don't know. Look. You're right there by the kitchen clock.
S - I can't tell time on that clock. It confuses me.
Oh, you make your Mama so very proud!

D - Mom! Where are the rubber gloves???
J - Oh, I don't know. Maybe in the same spot they've been in since you were born????
Or maybe, just maybe, to confuse the hell out of you, I put them in a different place. You better check....

R - {holding the Kitten Who STILL Has No Name near her face} Mom, come here. You have to hear this.
J - I don't really need to hear the cat purring. Again.
R - No. It's not that. Come listen. You can hear her breathe.
Oh, good. Because for the past few months I thought it was a dead kitten leaving those big stinking poops in the litter box.


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