Morning Sun

I read on a photography site recently, that the best time to take photos is in the early morning.

Like before 7:30.

So, yesterday, since I was up at 6:30 to do laundry {Because, when you have to use an on-site laundry, it's best to do it early in the morning. Preferably on Sunday} I decided to take my camera along & see what I could come up with.

I think I got some pretty good shots. I won't be winning any photography awards anytime soon, but not bad for an amateur.

You can clearly tell its leaves & a flower!! I just did a wee bit of photo editing. The sun hit the top of the plant just right, making the flower pop.

I even managed to get a decent close-up using the macro mode!

And this one is my favorite. It's at the corner of the building, so the light was stronger. I love how it's very bright near the bottom right. You really can see the sun glow.

And this was just for the heck of it. Why not take a pic of a spigot? I played with this one a little more, making the background a little darker & the spigot brighter.

Ahhh. PhotoShop.

Ya gotta love it.


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