The Ending & The Begining

It is the end of the school year for the girls.

It doesn't feel like the end of the school year. Usually it's hot & sunny & kids are itching to hangout by the pool.

The kids are still itching to hangout by the pool, but it's cloudy, humid & raining in some areas of the valley.

The humidity is killing my hair. :p

Today, is S's last day. They get out at noon then she and H are going to A's for their last sleep-over. A & her family are moving to OK, so this is their last time together. S made her a cute Memory Box that she decorated then added some mementos of their years together. They've been friends since middle school. :(

Last night was D's 5th Grade "Graduation". It wasn't a graduation per se, more of an awards ceremony.

And I forgot my camera.

She received a Presidential Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement which included a letter from President Obama. It was so cute to see the kids expressions when looking at the letter. Even though it was a mass produced letter given to many students throughout the US, it was so sweet to see how excited the kids were that they got a letter from the President! Even the students who didn't receive an award were in awe!! She also received her certificate of completion of Elementary school.

We are now done with Elementary School.

Well, almost. They have one more day. So does R.

Then we're done.

Until it starts all over again next year.

And so our summer begins.

Who knows what we will be doing.

On to....


She's like having a puppy.

When anyone heads out the door, she runs towards it. Hoping to get out.

When I come home from dropping the girls off at school, she runs to the door to greet me. She will follow me all over the apartment until I pet her.

While I sit at my desk working on the computer, she has to lay next to me.

But no longer under the chair. I think she's learned her lesson there.

And when she feels the need for some attention, she jumps up on the desk and rubs against my arm.

Until I pet her.

Yesterday she was in a playful mood. My cursor was the source of her entertainment.

For awhile.

I'm sure you've all seen a hundred videos of cats chasing cursors on computer screens.

But you haven't seen Piper.


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