I've got the best job

I'm one of the lucky ones who can proudly say "I love my job."

And mean it.

I work with a great group of people, I get to Tweet, Facebook, and blog.

But the best part of my job, the absolute best, is I get to design.

When I started with Allied Gate, they did not have any catalog of designs, no real sales book to speak of, and the jankiest website out there. Levi (my manager) knew that in order to make the company a success, we needed those things. And we needed them done right.

So I got to design our entire catalog of security doors, entry doors, enclosures and gates. Believe me, I had the most fun with it. (The whole website thing is still janky, and a bit of a sore spot with me. Maybe one day I'll go into it.)

Kilfoyl security door

 I could pretty much design whatever I wanted!

Naturally, I had to appeal to the masses, so there are a few designs I will admit, I really, really hate, but I had to be sure to include designs they would like.

Let's face it, if I just did designs I liked, we would probably never sell any!! My tastes definitely run opposite of the masses!!

Debois security door

I had to 'design' some of the security door styles that have been around forever, which wasn't my favorite chore, but then I had the fun of designing a series of exclusive security door designs that only we have, and a whole catalog of our own entry door, enclosure and gate designs.

Sarida entry door

Naima enclosure
Gate style #G212

I have to admit, though, as much fun as it was designing an entire catalog, creating new ones for clients is even more rewarding.

And the best part of designing for a client, is seeing what the guys in the shop can do with what I put to paper.

In many ways, they're the real artists.

Client entry door - start to finish


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