Camera+ - iPhone camera app review

Camera+ is my number 1 go-to camera app for improving my photos, as well as editing many of them.

By developer tap tap tap, Camera+ uses the iPhone's camera, but greatly improves the built-in features.

One of my favorite features is the touch focus and exposure. It allows you to set the exposure separately from focus for the perfect shot. A simple touch with a 2nd finger while focusing, adjusts the exposure and perfects the shot.

There are are several useful shooting modes such as stabilizer, to steady the shot; burst, for a rapid succession of action shots; and timer, perfect for self portraits. Camera+ also boasts a 6X digital zoom for clear close-ups, and a grid option for help in eliminating all those tilted shots.

You have the option to save to Lightbox, Camera Roll or both. Another feature I love is the Photo Details. It shows you when the photo was shot, the size, what edits you've applied and a map showing where the photo was taken. And for the real photography enthusiast, you can also view the finer details of your shots, such as ISO, focal length, shutter speed, and more.

Want to share your photos? It so simple with Camera+. You can share via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, email, or even create a web link. All from right with-in the app.

But the truly fun part is all the editing options available.

You can crop your photo in square, 3X2, 5X7, 16X9 and more. And with the Scenes editing tool, you can adjust the lighting for shade, flash, fluorescent, portrait, plus several more.

With the fun FX Effects, you can do so much more with your photos. Apply an edit, then adjust the intensity with the slider for even more dramatic looks. And with the ability to import from your camera roll, you have the capability to edit shots taken with just the on board camera or other apps. Oh, and I can't forget all the frame options! From a simple thin black or white border to a styled Old-Timy frame, Camera+ has it all.

Color effects, such as So Emo can add some emotion to a shot ~

So Emo at 100% intensity w/ a rounded black border

 Black and White with adjusted intensity has a nice soft effect ~

Black & White at 78%  intensity w/ the dark mat frame

 Want to go Retro? There are 9 different Edits from Hipster to Antique.

Fashion at 100% intensity w/ a vintage frame

Antique at 59% intensity w/ the offset frame

Faded at 100% intensity w/ a viewfinder border

 Overlay at 100% intensity w/ instant frame & caption date

At only .99¢, (with the option to purchase more in app effects) Camera+ is definitely well worth it.


  1. I have had camera+ for a long time. Thanks for the reminder of all the things it can do!