I'm late! I'm late!

Funny conversation this morning ~

I was working on my laptop in the livingroom, and S was sleeping on the couch when she suddenly sits up and says:

S: Oh. man! Is it 5:00?

Me: Actually it's 5:54.

S: Crap! I didn't know it was 5:00!! I am so late for work!!

She then runs into her room to get dressed in record time and I head off the the bathroom. While there I'm thinking, "The mall doesn't open for another 3-4 hours. How the hell can she be late?"

S: (Now dressed for work) Hurry, Mom. I'm going to be late. It's now 6:04!! Let's go!!!

Me: Why do you need to be at work now?

S: (Interrupting me) I was supposed to be there at SIX!!!

Me: Yeah, but why? The mall doesn't open for like 3-4 hours.

S: WHAT???? Isn't it 6:00 at night?

Me: No. It's morning.

S: Oh, shit! My manager is going to think I'm crazy. I thought I slept through the whole day.


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