Super long weekend

Before I tell you what I came here to tell you, a little back story.

Sean FINALLY quit driving cab. After 18+ years of driving, he's realized he is not making any money at it. (Forget the fact that I've been telling him that since, like, day 1.) Anyway, we can't afford for him to not work (Plus, him laying around the house was driving me mad!) so I got him a job working for the cleaning company my boss owns (more on that later).

He helped him this past Monday and Tuesday with a big commercial duct cleaning job, and on Tuesday I reminded him to fill out his time sheet so we can get his paycheck next Friday.

This morning he calls me at work.

Me: Hello.

Sean: Hey! I forgot; I should have given you my time sheet.

Me: That's okay, Honey. I can turn it in on Monday.

Sean: But it is Monday!

Me: Uhh. No. It's Friday.

Sean: Oh. Forget it then. Bye.


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