Talking to myself

I was doing laundry and talking to myself, in my head, when I thought "Instead of yammering to yourself, why don't you jabber on your blog? Maybe then you'd get some feedback.


So I finished putting the laundry away, sat down to put to paper here the conversations I was having with myself in my head.

And you know what?

Once I began typing, those conversations stopped!

There was no longer a discussion on why it really bothers me when the closet doors are left open, the toilet lid left up, or the cereal boxes put on the shelf with the ingredients facing out. There was no longer any wondering what would be good for lunch. (Because, although it was only 9:00 am, it's always good to plan ahead for these things). And I had a really good discussion with myself about what would be good to photograph for today's picture.

Now I forgot what that was.

And now I'm bummed.

I am, however, still talking to myself about when I should break out the strawberry daiquiri I bought to sip on. (Because I was brought up that only a lush would have an alcoholic beverage before 10:00 am. And since it's now 12:12, I can  go ahead and drink away any time now!)

Ooohhh!!!! I just remembered what it was I wanted to take a picture of!!

You'll have to stay tuned for that!

**12:38 update: I went to grab some lunch, {Ritz crackers w/ colby/jack cheese & a glass of chocolate milk. The chocolate won over the daiquiri. This time.} then came back to reread this post checking for any goof-ups. I realized it made little sense, so I thought I'd clarify that, no, I did not have any of that daiquiri prior to typing this. It's the hormones. I'm premenstrual. So I'll stop now.


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