Spies among us

Last night S was going out with H to a friend's birthday costume party. I knew from his Facebook status that it was going to be a drinking party. (Yes, I stalk my kids on Facebook. How the hell do you think I know what they're up to??)

So before she left, I told her to please be smart and not drink. And don't let H drink. And for God's sake DO NOT get in the car if H does drink.

Now just for a moment let's get real here. She's 17, nearly 18. I'm sure she drank. It might've been a sip or two. It might've been a whole beer. I don't know. But I'm sure she drank more than just water.  Let's face it, we've all been there. Some of us made good choices, some not so good, but we survived. Sometimes by the skin of our teeth!

Anyway, what was my point? Oh, yeah, after my little "behave" speech, she and H set out to this costume, birthday, beer pong party. (okay, I'm not sure there was beer pong, but most likely there was.) I never heard her come in last night (usually I do), but I checked in on her at 6 this morning and she was crashed out in her bed.

Here's where I had a weird, creepy, ingenious thought.  I thought. "I should tip toe to her bed, lean over her face and sniff to see if she smells like alcohol."

Could you imagine, suddenly waking up and there's your your mother hovering over you sniffing at you like a bloodhound??  It would scare the shit outta me!!

So I didn't do it.

Because, you know, trust is a two way street.


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