I have a lot to tell you and one thing pretty much has nothing to do with the other.  Just things that've been happening and things I've had rumbling around in my head.

So here goes...

First let me just say - DAMN!!! It's windy out today!

Since our two back to back home shows, I've been really busy at work.  I like being busy.  Busy means money.

This afternoon a couple, who saw our sales rep nearly a year ago for an entry door, came by the shop.  I closed them for almost $6800.00.

Animal Planet's The Haunted is a freaky show.

I bought cinnamon rolls on Saturday for a treat.  I posted it on Facebook and Aunt Randi asked if I made them. It got me to thinking about making some.  I looked in my cookbook for a recipe and found one that looks pretty easy. Maybe one day the girls and I can have a baking day....

Tomorrow and Thursday is S's Senior Dance Solo Concert.  Reality that my baby is this || close to graduation is starting to sink in.

This past weekend was S's last Saturday practice.  Ever.

Yesterday morning we said good bye to R's goldfish, Beyonce.  He committed suicide during the night by jumping out of his bowl. We will miss him.

Right now I am coloring my hair.  I think it will be burgundy.  Maybe.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, we transferred D to the Jr High right next to our complex.  She hates it.

I am loving my Police Cab.  Except when drivers in front of me think it's an unmarked police car and slow waaaaay down.  I also tend to drive too fast now.  Which is not a good thing and I have to check myself every so often.

Sunday night we had a movie night and I rented 3 movies; Easy A (not bad), Charlie St. Cloud (I cried), and Toy Story 3 (I liked 1 & 2 better).

Best line from Easy A:
"Is there an Olive here?"
"There's a whole jar of them in the fridge!"

Best line from Toy Story 3:
"I know we've just met. Aw, heck - you don't know me from GI Joe. But when I look at you I feel like we were...made for each other."

I still have no clue what the little red button on the dash of my police cab does....

Does a Cadillac Escalade come in any other color than black?  Seams like every time I see one, it's black.

Yesterday I got a raise of $2.75/hour.  YEAH me!!

I also have more responsibilities.

I love my iPhone! 

Now I'm going to end this and go wash out my hair.  Then I'm going to watch Animal Planet's The Haunted.

Because it's so freaky.


  1. Congrats on the raise.
    I hate when goldfish jump out of their bowls! Crazy!
    I love my iPhone, too.
    That's funny about how people drive around you!
    Yep, your baby is about to start her own life. Lacey got frustrated with me and started bitching at me on the phone and I just hung up..LOVE her to death, but got reminded why I like her having her own apt.!
    What's Charlie St. Cloud? NVM, I'll look it up. I cry too easily.
    I liked the first two better, too.
    Darien will live.

  2. The Haunted IS freaky. WHY is it on Animal Planet? I only watched a little of it the other day.
    I don't think cinnamon buns are THAT hard to make but then that is coming from someone who never made them. If/when I make them - I am going to make mine with raisins.
    Seriously ?? Beyonce jumped out?? I never had a fish do that!
    D will get used to the school. She just hasn't met the right friends, YET.
    <3 my iPhone.

  3. Oh my... That may be one of the funniest groupings of thoughts I've ever read. I need a moment to catch my breath and let my untoned stomach recover from the laughter-induced ab workout.

    OK, I'm good now. The goldfish seriously jumped out of the bowl??? Too weird!

    And don't get me started on your Police Cab talk... Hilarious. I bet people do slow down when you're behind them; I know I do that when I see a car that looks like a cop! And I panic and check to see if my seat belt is on and throw my cell phone in the back of my car and pray that I didn't make some weird, Oklahoma traffic violation. I've heard you can't turn right on red here in Oklahoma. Not sure if that's true or not. But that sure would be strange.

    I'm going to have to check out The Haunted. Haven't seen this show before. Wonder if it's on this weekend. Lord knows I have free time on my hands. I'm on Day 942 of being snowed in. =(

  4. Helen & Darcy - YES! Beyonce really did jump out of his bowl. (He's actually the 2nd fish we've had jump out of it's bowl.)

    Shannon - you really should check out Charlie McCloud. I'm not a big Zac Efron fan, but he was pretty good in this movie. And, yes, you will cry. A lot.