Chinese food

Another conversation from last night....

S & I walked across the street to the mail store & Big Lots.  On the way back, we passed a Mom & Pop Chinese restaurant.

S: Oh!  It smells so good.  (Looking at a poster in the window) The fried rice looks soooo yummy.  It's calling my name!  And the eggs rolls, mmmmm.

Me: It does smell really good.  And the prices are pretty reasonable.  But I don't have the money to get Chinese for us all right now.

S: Oohhh!  I know!!!  The other two will never have to know!  We'll eat in the restaurant!!

Me:  Yeah, like that will work when we walk home and smell like Chinese food.  Then what're we gonna tell them?  "There was a Chinese lady in Big Lots that breathed on us & now we smell like a Chinese restaurant"???

S: Sure.  Why not?


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