This past weekend R needed to finish up a science project.

Something to do with neutrons and protons.

BTW ~ I always thought it was proTRONs until R informed they called proTONs.

Go figure.

So anyway, we rushed around buying materials for paper machè balls, then spent all weekend rushing to make 40 of these dang things.

She is so lucky I really like to paper machè.

Plus, I love the smell of flour and news paper together.

Don't ask.

I really have no reasonable explanation for you.

Then, after rushing all weekend, and staying up late so it could be done by Tuesday; Monday she gets to class only to be told she has to make her neutron/proton balls smaller.

Much smaller.

And we have no time (or money) to go running around town looking for alternate materials.

So she rigs something up with pipe cleaners (which, BTW, are now called Fuzzy Sticks.  What's up with that??) and beads that will hopefully get her a passing grade.  

I have to admit, it was the worst project she's ever made!  

Even she admits it really sucked.

Now we have 40 paper machè balls rolling all over the living room floor.

And what are we going to do with 40 paper machè balls?  Half of which are now painted light blue??

Just a little hint ~ you'll all be getting something made with paper machè balls for Christmas!!

Or not.

But probably.

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  1. oh Insane Queen, you always crack me up!!! I'm sitting in class at the moment--NOT typing notes, but reading your blog instead! I'm trying not to laugh out loud and disrupt class...

    hmm, what could you do with that many paper mache balls?.... Can you stack three of them together and make cute snowmen?