I must be crazy

As I wrote in my last post, our lease is up the end of the month and we have decided to not renew and move to a more cost effective place.

Cost effective = smaller.

One of the things I have decided I don't want to cram into an apartment (again) is my big desk.  I love my big desk.  Aside from the bench my dad made, it's the only piece of furniture I have a hard time parting with.

But I'd like room to move around, so I've decided not to take it with us.  But I'm still undecided as to whether to sell it or store it.

I've got two weeks to decide....

Anyway, on Saturday Mom & Jane stopped by.  While we were chatting about the move and what stuff they want to take, I mentioned wanting to get a $30 desk from Wal-mart that will better fit in our new space.

Mom tells me "No, no, no.  You do not want a desk from Wal-Mart.  It won't be you.  We should go looking at the Goodwill.  If you find a desk you like I'll get it for you for your birthday.  How's that?"

Cool with me.  So the three of us headed out to the Goodwill to find me a desk and whatever other treasures we could find there.

Boy, did we find some good stuff.  And amazing deals.  Because, you see, Saturday's are half price.  Yup.  Everything in the store is half off!

Jane found two big Ikea wardrobes for less than $100.  For both!  Mom found some material (like she needs more!) 

And, me?  I found this sweet deal.

A desk, two drawer chest and chair, all for only $27!!  Yes, they need work.  But I love refinishing furniture.

So, today, when I should be packing up more boxes, looking for the serger CD for mom, pricing yard sale junk, and vacuuming, I'm sanding and painting.

I'm loving it!!

**But if you ask me how I feel about all this sanding tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I'll hate you.   Because I'm hand sanding.  And I know my arms are going to hurt like hell in the morning.**

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  1. You got a great deal, and Goodwill is a great shopping destination. I go there at least twice a month.