Do you remember when?

Another poem I dug up from a box that's been put up on a high shelf and forgotten.

I'm surprised I haven't been emailed this 5 times in as many years!

Remember When?

Hippie meant big in the hips?
And a trip involved travel in cars, planes or ships?
When pot was a vessel for cooking things in?
And hooked was what grandma's rugs would have been?
When fix was a verb that meant mend or repair?
When to "be in" meant merely existing somewhere?
When neat meant well organized, tidy and clean?
And grass was a ground cover, usually green?
When groovy meant furrowed with channels and hollows?
And when birds were winged creatures like robin and swallows?
Fuzz was a substance real fluffy like lint?
And bread came from a bakery, not from the mint?
When rock was a stone and hang up was something you did on the phone?
When swinger was someone who swung on a swing?
And pad was a soft, sort of cushiony thing?
When far out meant distance - a long way away?
And no one thought twice when you said you were gay?


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