This morning I had a good topic for today's post. But I forgot what it was

So instead, I thought I'd make a list of what I did today.  It's riveting.  So be sure you're sitting down.  Maybe with a glass of wine in your hand.

1.  Slept in until 5:45, then got up and showered.

2.  Had a plain bagel and small glass of milk.

3.  Did some more cleaning/organizing in the garage.  Which I probably should've done before I showered.  Man it was hot already!!

4.  Vacuumed the house.  Kids, cats, dog and a husband are super messy.

5.  Took pictures of some more items to sell on eBay.  Listed them.

6.  Packed up items that were sold on eBay.

7.  Got a knock on the door by a man who lives on our old street, across the main road.  Yesterday I had scheduled a postal pick up of some other items I sold on eBay; which never got picked up.  Either the postal worker can't read, or is directionally challenged because he attempted to make the pick up at EAST Erie, not WEST Erie.  I'm scheduling another pickup for tomorrow and I'm including a note that says "Be sure to read the address!"  Seriously.  I am.

8.  Played a little on the computer.

9.  Took the girls to practice.

10.  Made lunch.  Half a turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

11.  Picked  up the girls & dropped off 7 boxes that the ding-bat postal carrier never picked up because he can't read.

11.  Took some more pictures for my Flickr groups, edited and uploaded.

12.  Made dinner.  Homemade chicken strips (which were really good!), corn on the cob, and carrot sticks.

13.  Made the kids do dishes while I uploaded POtD.

14.  Wrote all this nonsense for you to read.

15.  Now I'm going to go watch SYTYCD with the girls.

Good night!


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