It has now come to this

It used to be, that when I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, the dog would appear at my feet.  He soon learned that if he sat around long enough, there would be a 'treat' for him.

Now, all I have to do is walk in the kitchen and he's at my heels.  Every time I'm in there, I have to kick him out because he lays in the middle of the floor, right in my way.  Now there are no treats unless he moves out of the kitchen.

And stays out.

Then we got two kittens.

And as we all know, cats are not at all like dogs.  They could care less if I was in the kitchen or what I was doing there.

Unless I opened their bag of cat treats.

Or touched the bag of cat food.

Then they came running.

Always ET first.  She acted like a starving child from a 3rd world country!

Anyway, one night Piper was being curious and stuck her nose in S's yogurt.  She discovered she liked it!  So taking her cue from the dog, she began begging whenever the kids had food.  

She almost always got a tid bit.

ET was much slower in catching on to the whole begging for food thing, but the other day, R was eating a turkey sandwich and gave her a piece.

I think a light went on in her head.  Finally.

Now, she will also beg for food.  When she happens to notice there is someone with food.

She's not a very smart cat.  A bit on the slow side, if you know what I mean.

This is what happens when the kids go into the kitchen (the cats don't bother with me, because they know I'm a hard-ass and won't feed them, but Cannon will still follow at my heels hoping for his share of dinner!)

As usual, Cannon is first in the kitchen, then Piper will follow, and finally ET will realize what's happening and come running.  

Piper gets pretty demanding for her piece of turkey.  While Cannon, the good dog he is, patiently waits his turn.

I think R gave Piper the majority of the turkey!  

Those kids really spoil her.


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