A week of snot and other stuff

If you've been wondering where the heck I've been, wonder no more.  

If you could give a crap, then move along.  

I just spent the better part of the week with the worst (and only) sinus infection I've ever had.  I felt like I was getting punched in the face on a daily basis.  I was expecting to see bruises on my face every morning.  

That's how much a sinus infection can hurt.

I have a very heightened sense of smell; I'm always smelling things no one else around me can.  I knew I had a pretty bad infection when, not only the entire right side of my face hurt like hell, but I couldn't smell anything!  I put Vicks Vapo-rub on under my nose and around my right eye where most of the infection was, and I couldn't smell it.  

At all!

And for someone who can smell everything, suddenly smelling nothing is beyond weird.  
So I spent all my days sleeping.  Which is another thing that bothers me.  I never sleep past 6am and now, here I was in bed some days until 8 or 9am!!  Knowing I needed the rest and couldn't really accomplish much (if anything) made it a little easier to take. 

Thank goodness the girls are older & can fend for themselves, too.  Because after I got up so late in the morning, I showered, checked my email & maybe did a quick design for work, then went back to bed for a 4 hour nap!

I guess one advantage, though, was I couldn't eat much.  I pretty much drank water, OJ and tea all day and would have a bowl or two of chicken soup.  Anything else I couldn't taste and it would just make me queasy.

And talk about the mucus I expelled!!  Holy crap!!  How can one small nostril hold so much??!!  It seemed like it would never end. 

Eventually it did.  A little.

I'm feeling better.  In fact yesterday I was up by 7am, did the dishes, washed all the blankets & linens on my bed, swept the house and made a web page for Levi.  And my sense of smell is returning.  

Except I think the only things I can smell are whatever stink! 

Litter box full?  Yup.  I can smell it.

Trash need emptying?  Yup.  Can smell that too.

Rotting veggies in the bottom of the fridge bin need tossing?  Hell, yeah.  I can definitely smell that!

I sat out by the pool yesterday, and I know all the orange trees are blooming.
But could I smell it???  


However, I could smell it when the dog took a dump.

I felt so lucky.

Don't know what today holds.  The sinuses on my right side still hurt quite a bit, but the mucus has stopped flowing so much!  I feel bad, the girls had the week off for Spring Break, and thanks to me & my infected sinuses, they didn't get to do anything.  Maybe today we'll manage at least a walk around the neighborhood. 

Maybe we can get some pictures of the orange blossoms I can't smell!


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