Last night R & I were watching '24' and were talking about how Jack Bauer has been tortured, stabbed, shot, beaten, etc and still gets up to run around NYC to save us all from a nuclear threat.  

I then wondered out loud what was in his bag.  He always has it with him, but I've never seen him take anything out of it.  

R began naming things that Jack Bauer would carry in his bag:

*wisps ( for fresh breath & clean teeth)
*power bar (for when he's hungry)
*apple (again, for when he gets hungry)
*smoke bomb (to smoke out the terrorists)
*Red Bull & Monster drinks (to help keep him up all day & night)
*a gun & knives (to defend himself)
*and toilet paper (because when he has to go, he might not have access to a toilet!)

If Jack Bauer was a real person, she might not be too far off the mark!

Now here's something to make you chuckle:


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