Hey, Miss! Can you spare a dollar?

It really bugs me when people, either male or female, hound other people in parking lots for money.

And it really bugs me when there are 2 or 3 of them 'working the lot'.

This morning I came across one in the parking lot of the 99 cent store. It was quite a funny encounter.

I spotted this guy & his buddy when I was parking, bugging shoppers for a buck.

So when he {literally} ran over to my car when I got done shopping, I was prepared.

He never even said what he wanted the dollar for. Just that he had a car.

Yeah, me too. Do I get a buck for that??

Me: Yeah. You & the other 2 or 3 guys asking for a dollar.

Him: No. Really. I do have a car. It's over there.

Me: Sure. You could point to any car in the lot & say it's yours. I wouldn't know.

Him: Want me to prove it to you? Here are my keys. I'll go start it up.

By now I can tell he's getting agitated.

Me: Don't bother. I don't carry cash. {Okay. I did have a dollar but he sure wasn't getting it!}

Him: Sure. Yeah. You don't have any cash. Whatever.

He begins to walk away then turns and starts to say something like you don't have cash, yeah, more like you don't have class.

I guess because I didn't just hand over money to him & his co-beggar?

He stomps off towards the 99 cent store in a tissy fit {so much like a toddler!} and I yell to him:

Hey! You have a nice Holiday!

He turned, started stuttering something incomprehensible & then as I get into the van I yelled

Have a great day, too!

I think I really pissed him off!


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