Our Other Water Baby

So far, every morning this week, at 6 AM, Canon & I are up and out for our walk.

He really loves it.

And why not?

He gets to walk around the neighborhood smelling new smells and peeing on just about everything!

A dog's dream!

And if he gets really lucky, he might even see a cat or two to bark at and attempt to chase.

And every morning, without fail, once we get back and in the house, he gets all excited once again.

He heads for the back door, taps the door handle with his nose, and waits to go outside.

Why? You may ask.

He was just out.

Walking, smelling, barking, peeing.

What's so exciting about the back yard.

The one he sees all day.


Well, he's a lab.

And this is what's so exciting about the backyard....

I'm not sure way he really! really! really! wants to swim after our walks. I thought maybe it's because it can be soothing on aching joints.

Or maybe it's just because the pool is there. And he can.

He enjoys it all throughout the day, that's for sure.

Like the other day, when we were all playing in the back yard, he enjoyed about 45 minutes of fetching the disc from the pool.

I'd say he's pretty happy right about now.....


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