Idle Hands Make Idle Minds

And my hands are not idle!

A lot is happening here at Casa de Insanity.

First, we are moving.

To a house.


It's not far from here, and not too far from a house we lived in before we moved to this apartment. It's a three bedroom, so R & D have to share a room, and S gets her own.

She's quite happy about that & can't wait to move in.

Sean & I are meeting the land lord today (he lives in CO) to give him the deposit, sign the lease and get the keys. Then I start moving boxes over.

Oh. And it had a pool!!

Unfortunately, the house has been empty for a couple of months so the pool looks like a swamp. A lovely shade of green with lord-knows-what growing in it. But I negotiated a deal on the rent in exchange for us cleaning & maintaining it.

So over the next 5 days, I will be boxing things up & carting them in the van over to the new house. Sean couldn't get any friends to help, so it'll be just the two of us loading furniture in the truck and van.

I am not looking forward to moving the furniture. My desk is huge and heavy. Our queen size mattress is awkward. The entertainment center and china cabinet are heavy.

And we have to carry them all down stairs.

On top of moving, I'm working on the web site for Allied Gate. Some of you may remember, I'm doing some independent design work for them and work the home shows. At the last home show I had maybe half a dozen people ask if we had a web site to look at more of our designs and products. Unfortunately, the owner had hired 2 companies to develop it and got nowhere with either one of them. I told him I can build his site, just get me the files.

Last week he had a run in with the company that is currently supposed to be building the site. Levi reminded him that I've been saying I can do the site & although he hasn't seen any of my work, in his experience working with me, if I say I can do it, I usually can. So, now I'm working on the Allied Gate web site.

Which is not at all difficult, just time consuming. Especially since we want to put most of my design up. I have about a hundred I think!!

So, I will be busy for the next few days moving & working.

Not that I mind.

It's a good kinda busy....


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