The {Death} of a Laptop

As some of you may know, I've been dealing with fixing my laptop. It had somehow got infected with a virus that kept making it crash. And whenever I ran any of the 4 anti-virus programs I have, it'd get to what I believe was the virus, & crash.

So, little by little I transferred all my files {mostly my digital scrapbook kits I bought or downloaded for free} on to the PC or DVDs. It was very hard to burn the files, because of the laptop crashing, so most of the files went on the PC.

Then I reformatted my laptop & things appeared to be fine.

They weren't.

I was installing drivers, programs & burning all those digital scrapbook kits when the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH appeared.

When I restarted, I got an error message, something to the effect there is no operating system being detected.

So I tried reinstalling Vista.

And got a message saying there is no hard drive!

Holy Irish Monk!! I have no hard drive?!?!?!

I was going to try to get help from Dell, but my laptop is now a year & a half old, so the warranty has expired. Any help from them will cost.

Cost money I currently don't have.

So, now I'm not sure what to do. I might save up to buy a new hard drive and start from scratch. But I did have some scrapbook files on the laptop I'd like to have. But I am now out of my league on this & have no clue how to get that hard drive back in working order.

Maybe it is fried & will never repairable.

So, I'm working on the slow-ass PC and any files I really, really, really want, get saved to my flash drive.


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