Captian Catch-up

{Remember that comic from the Humpty Dumpty Magazine???}

My internet had gone wonky, so I was off line for a few days trying to figure it out.

It was a curse & a blessing. We depend on the internet so much, that when it's gone, we are lost.

How are we supposed to look up an answer to a random question??

Oh, yeah. We could go to the library!!

Which we did, but they're remodeling the entire lower floor, and it was so crowded, noisy & there were no available tables and/or chairs to sit at.

So we did other things....

Monday R, D & I went to the pool about 7 PM. It was probably 110 or so outside with a warm breeze.

The pool was about 90 degrees.

It was so gross.

I took a quick dip, then sat on the lounge chair to read. The water was so warm, it did nothing to cool you off.

But the girls didn't mind. They swam & played for about an hour.

R took a pic of her toes. She painted them herself. And they always look cooler under water!!

She wanted me to take some pics of her, so she posed & I shot.

And of course we had to have a pic with goofy faces.

It wasn't a very exciting time at the pool. But the girls got out of the house & off the couch!

Tuesday S had to pick up her books before school starts {Aug 10th}. The students have to get their books at the book store, which is not a very large space. So to avoid over crowding in the book store, the school attempted to set up book distribution in a more efficient way.

Except this new method took us 4 hours!!

I'm not kidding you. We stood in line to get books for 4 hours!!

It was insane.

And boring.

I keep a paperback in my purse for those times I have to wait.

I finished it before we got books!

But it could've been a much longer wait, though. The previous week, they had set it up so students received books according to their last name. {So Mon was for students whose last name began A-D, Tues E-H, etc.} We missed that because S was a cheer camp all week in San Diego.

Which she hated.

She said it was a waste of time & money & they didn't really learn anything new. But she had a blast at the beach their last day!

And she didn't reapply sunscreen like she should have, & got a burn.

In about a week she will have a nice golden tan.


Wednesday was when we went to the library. I wanted to use their free wireless internet {which is so painfully sloooooooow} and D wanted to get the 2nd Harry Potter book.

She has finally gotten into reading!!

I've tried for years to get her to read. I even tried encouraging her to read the Harry Potter books when she was in 3rd & 4th grades. But she refused.

I just had to let her alone & come around on her own.

I'm not sure what suddenly sparked her interest {it could be that her sisters read the Harry Potter books & are always talking about them & comparing them to the movies} but I'm not going to complain.

It took her about 3 weeks to read the first book, and now she's already on Chapter 6 of the second!

Yesterday we didn't do anything. S had practice & I messed with computers, wireless routers & the internet.

I didn't turn on the TV all day & it was awesome!!

The girls got their room cleaned, played nicely together & even read!!

I think I'm going to leave the TV off more often....


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