You Won't Belive This

It's another rainy day & all I feel like doing is curling up with a good book.

Then maybe watching an old movie.

Or, watch a movie while I clean up my hard drive & back up files.

Multi-tasking is good.



I could strangle my oldest.

Look what she brought home on Wednesday.

She is the ugliest kitten I've seen in a long time. And tiny. Just about half the size of Piper.

One of S's guy friends cat had kittens and she decided to bring one home. They were kept outside & this one was sleeping in a bowl.

The bowl.

Yes. She actually brought the kitten home in the bowl.

Reenactment of kitten brought home in a bowl.

This is not an exact reenactment. The kitten was laying down when Savvy & her friend brought her home.

It can be difficult to photograph a reenactment with a slightly uncooperative kitten.

Piper was feeling left out & had to get into the act.

She's such a brat.

So now the kitten needs a name. Savvy has been calling her ET. 'Cause she looks like an ugly Alien.

I call her Ugg Lee. She looks Asian. And is ugly.

R said I was mean.

"How would you like it if someone called you Shorty?"

"Uh. That's true. I am short. And it's not like I haven't been called that before."

Then S said her name is Zong. So I said she can be Ugg Lee Zong.

'Cause she looks Asian. And is ugly.

The kitten doesn't care. As long as we feed & pet her.

And let her sleep in a little patch of sun.

In my computer cords.


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