Cat Naps

If you hate cats.

Adorable, sleeping cats.

Then look away.

Do not go any further.

Because this post is full of pictures of Piper.



Her favorite spot is in the dining room under the chairs.

I imagine it's because the linoleum is cool.

And when I say cool, I mean not hot.

Because, let's face it, linoleum is rarely, if ever, "cool".

To get this shot, I was on my stomach.

On the floor.

Damn, it's hot by the fridge!

I can hear the collective "awwwww".

Please ignore the crumb.

Right there in the middle of the picture.

At this point, getting an adorable picture took precedent over sweeping.

The other spot she likes to sleep is under my desk chair.

I've run over her twice already.

Don't worry.

I just caught a bit of fur.

She's fine.

I haven't traumatized her enough to not sleep under my chair.

Last night, R & D watched TV in our room.

Because it's cool in there.

And by cool, I mean not hot.

Because, let's face it, my room is not "cool".

Piper found our bed very comfortable.

D looks so cute here.

And comfortable, too.

I was never allowed to even think about laying on my parents bed.

Much less, hang out there with a cute kitten.

My kids don't know how good they've got it.

Lucky buggers......


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