Rainy Day & Mis-Behaving Children

Last night S & R decided they would get up in the middle of the night & play around. I woke up about 2:30 when I saw the kitchen light on & heard giggling.

They tried to tell me they got up early.

Right. They never went to bed. They waited until I was asleep then went out to the living room.

To create mayhem.

I sent them {back} to bed.

Had to yell at them 2 more times.

Then they finally quieted down.

About 4 AM.

I was tempted to rattle pots in their room about 7 to rouse them from their beds.

But I didn't. They got lucky.

I did, however, yell for them to get their lazy arsses outta bed at 9.

Then this morning, my camera wasn't on the desk like usual. They had it in their room.

And look at what I found on it ~

Even though I was not happy they were up all night goofing around, I must say, I'm very impresses with her jumps!! She caught some serious height there!! Guess it shows she's a cheerleader!! LOL

Apparently R was pretending to be Spiderman {woman? Girl?} Again, not happy she was up on the cabinets & goofing around at all hours of the night {morning}. But kinda cool shot. And she caught some good height, too!

We were going to go to the park. But it was raining this morning. Which is rare here in the desert. The sun did come out, but the park is still soggy. So we stayed home.

I wanted to get some rain pictures. So took a walk to the mail room & took some pics along the way.

It was sprinkling & I tried to get the raindrops in the puddle. Didn't quite work. But, hey, I got a cool shot of the reflections in it!

Some plant at the bottom of the stairs. I liked how I was able to get the rain drops on the leaves.

A close up of the rain dropped leaves. {I know, rain dropped is not grammatically correct. But I like how it sounds.}

Some flowers by the office. See the rain drops on the purple flowers to the left? I like rain drops on flowers. And bright green leaves.

When I got back to the house, I found this outside the door.

Kinda gross.

Especially since it's from a pigeon. Dirty birds.

But it made a cool pic.

See the bubbles in the puddle to the bottom left?

And the one towards the top left?

And the ripples around the {Gross. Gag. Barf.} broken egg shell?

I'm pretty proud of these pictures.

I'll give you my photo tip of the day:

One thing I've learned is NEVER use the flash. It can ruin a good shot. Use natural light as much as possible.

Now if I can only get my 3 Ghouls to cooperate for pictures.....


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