How Funny Are These???

I saw this taking D to school this morning ~

A bear waiting for the City bus. Who knows why it was there, but I found it pretty darn funny. And what the heck is that on it's leg??? Green pee??? Vomit?? Melted slushy??? I'll let you use your imagination....

Check this out. R drew these Monday night

Ain't they just so dang cute?? Having tea & crumpets on the patio. {I have no clue what they're eating. she didn't tell me. I made it all up. So that's my story & I'm sticking to it. For now.} They're walking their precious little dog in the park. Shopping together at the Mall. Sitting quietly in the classroom, soaking up all that knowledge. And how sweet, they're flying a kite, taking a stroll together. R is such a sweet girl.

Then she draws this ~

Bad Stick Figures???!!! They're streaking in the park. {That's her version of blurring the private parts!} Robbing a store at Mall. Duct taping the teacher to the wall & spitting spit balls {but only if & when they actually go to school!!} And the best ~ getting drunk at the bar!! The bartender looks awfully happy to serve them! I'm not sure if the guy by the car got hit or fell out 'cause he was so inebriated. I'll have to ask the artist.

I'm not sure if I should be worried.

It is after all reality.

She is after all one of my babies....


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