Cup Cake

Some of you may have gotten the email about how to make a cup cake. R's been dieing {is that spelled right? Spell check said it is. But it looks weird.} to make it. So last night we gave it a shot.

Not bad. Needed the sweetness of frosting or ice cream though.

That's a vintage 1970's plate. From the thrift store. For pennies. I love vintage china. From the thrift store. For pennies.

Next time we make the cup cake, I'd do a few things differently. First, I'd spray a shot of cooking spray on the bottom of the cup. Ours stuck to the bottom a bit. Second, I would mix it in a separate bowl. Then pour into the cup. It's kinda hard to mix it really well in the cup. And third. Well, there is no third!! Except maybe to add frosting or ice cream. But you already know that. 'Cause I told you that above the pictures.

If you missed the recipe. Or the email got lost, strayed, or stolen, here it is again ~

4 Tbs flour
4Tbs sugar
2 Tbs cocoa
1 egg
3 Tabs milk
3 Tabs oil
3 Tabs chocolate chips {optional}
small splash of vanilla extract
1 lg coffee cup

Add dry ingredients to mug; mix well. {or if you're me, mix in separate bowl & give the bottom, & only the bottom, of the mug a shot of cooking spray}
Add the egg & mix well. Pour in milk & oil; mix until well blended. Add chocolate chips (if using) & vanilla; mix well.

If you mixed in a bowl, now is a good time to pour it into the mug!!

Place mug in microwave & cook for 3 minutes on high. Cake will rise above the top.

This is OK.

Don't freak out.

Better yet, for three minutes run on the tread mill. Or pump iron. Or take a brisk walk around the house. Burn off some of the calories you'll be putting back on after eating the cup cake!!

When cake is done, remove from microwave {otherwise it's going to be very hard to get to it to eat!!!} Let cool for a bit. Tip out on a plate. Add ice cream or frosting if you like it sweeter.

If you're feeling generous, share with a friend.

Or loved one.

Or pig out & eat the whole thing by yourself!!

Then hit the treadmill. Or take a brisk walk around the block.

Or plop on the couch with a good show & enjoy the pleasures of a chocolate cup cake!!


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