Weird, True & Freaky

I've been walking D to school lately. I should. I have no job. And could really use the exercise. This morning, like I do every morning, I left her at the sidewalk in front of the school, turned on my MP3 player, & turned around to walk back home. 

A man walking his dog nearly ran into me. He stopped, looked at me, stammers then says to me; "I thought you were a student." Now, I've always had people think I looked younger than I really am, but never that young!! LOL I think what threw him off is I'm the height of the average 4th or 5th grader!!!

Speaking of height, & measurements. Here is some info about our little family you may not know. 

R & I always joke that she has freakishly long arms & legs & I have freakishly short arms & legs. So we pulled out the tape measure last night & here are the weird, true & freaky facts about us ~

*R's arms, from shoulder to tip of her middle finger are ½" longer than my legs!
*Sean's arms are ½" longer than R's
*R's legs are 1" longer than mine
*R is now 1 ½" taller than I am {she's 5' tall}
*S is now is now 4 ½" taller than me {she's 5' 3"}
*D right now is 1 ½" shorter than me

At this point I gave up measuring. I don't need a tape measure to prove how freakishly short I am....


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