Riley Had a Baby!!

Meet Will, R's baby ~

OK. So, he's not a real baby. She is after all only 12 years old!! He's a "Real Life Baby". For Home Ec {which, by the way is no longer called Home Economics. I forget what the new PC name is} the kids get to take a baby home for the weekend to experience what it's like to care for an infant. All Will did was sleep, eat, and need an occasional diaper change. {By the way, in the above pic, Will is "sleeping". It's kinda creepy 'cause his eyes didn't close} The hardest part for her was waking up every 2-3 hours during the night to feed him. Here she is Sunday morning about 9:30-10:00. She looks pretty exhausted.

I told her it'd be more realistic if the babies pooped & spit up. You really haven't experienced infant care until you've changed a stinky diaper & had spit up on your shoulder!

Here she's changing Will's "soiled" diaper. If you look closely, you can see the pink wrist band she's wearing. This is a chip that identifies her as the "mother". Whenever Will cries she has to rub the chip on her wrist band over his sensor, then "feed" him. Which means she just has to hold the bottle against his lips. Again, the bottle nipple & his lips have a sensor so you know he's suckling.

By Sunday morning, she was bored with Will......


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