17 Years Ago

Since I did a 'Then & Now' of the girls, I thought it only fair to do one with Sean & I. We haven't changed much in 17 years. Just your typical weight gain {both} & gray hairs {Sean}. It'll be a long time until I know when I'm going gray!!! {Thank you Miss Clairol!!}

I wanted pictures of us when we were 2, like the girls, but I didn't have one of Sean. I did, however have one of me.

If I don't say so myself, I was pretty darn cute!! And that was my most favorite jumper. I probably wore it just about everyday. I was not happy when I got too big for it & had to give it to my stinky little sister.

I was also not happy when Mom came home from the hospital with her.

She ruined everything.

But that's a whole other story....

1 comment:

  1. You were just mad that Ma came home with a little sister that was DEFINATELY cuter than you. I was always cuter, will always be cuter, and I'm smarter, too.
    And I never got that ugly jumper. But, you thief, I'm still waiting for my other red plaid shoe!!!!!